Religious Atlas of China and the Himalaya - Islam

1030 mosques founded from Tang period onwards as listed in "Zhongguo Qingzhensi Zonglan" (Wu Jianwei, 1995)

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DC_Title Religious Atlases of China and the Himalaya - Islam
DC_Title_Alternative Mosques in China Mapped by Founding Date
DC_Creator_PersonalName Karl Ryavec
DC_Subject_Specific Location of Mosques in China
DC_Description Digitized records of Mosques in China from published sources.
DC_Source "Zhongguo Qingzhensi Zonglan", Wu Jianwei, 1995.
DC_Language chi
DC_Type Dataset
DC_Type_Specific Location and date information in various formats with labels in Pinyin & Hanzi
DC_Format Multipart
DC_Publisher ECAI Religious Atlas Team
DC_Publisher_Address ECAI, I School, UC Berkeley
DC_Contributor_PersonalName Karl Ryavec
DC_Date_Created 2008-09-28T00:00:00Z
DC_Coverage_T_Early 690
DC_Coverage_PeriodName Historical
DC_Coverage_PlaceName China
ECAI_Team Asian_Religion
ECAI_Theme Religious Atlas of China, Religion
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