Early California Cultural Atlas - Overview

The Early California Cultural Atlas (ECCA) visualizes the transformations in California before 1850 by mapping the migration of Indians from their native villages to Franciscan missions, the immigration of soldiers and settlers to California from northern Mexico, the initiation and growth of domestic agriculture and animal husbandry at the missions, and the transfer of huge parcels of land from California Indians to private Spanish and Mexican landholders.

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DC_Title Early California Cultural Atlas - Overview
DC_Creator_PersonalName Steven Hackel, Jeanette Zerneke, Natale Zappia
DC_Creator_PersonalName_Address UC Riverside, UC Berkeley, Whittier College
DC_Creator_CorporateName ECCA Project, ECAI
DC_Creator_CorporateName_Address UC Riverside, UC Berkeley
DC_Subject_Specific Mapping California History 1769-1848
DC_Description Multiple types of data have been collected and integrated for two missions in the Monterey region and the Los Angeles Basin. Ultimately, ECCA aims to disrupt the certainty of traditional mapping techniques by embracing spatial ambiguities and adopting new methods of web-based visualizations.
DC_Description_History ECCA is in the early stages of development. So far, exploratory studies and interfaces have been constructed and can be explored on this website.
DC_Source ECCA Project
DC_Language eng
DC_Type Interactive
DC_Type_Specific Multiple datasets and visualization/interactive methods
DC_Format Multipart
DC_Format_Specific Webpage, GIS map data, videos, Google Fusion, interactive spatio-temporal visualizations
DC_Publisher ECCA Project, ECAI
DC_Publisher_Address UC Riverside, UC Berkeley
DC_Contributor_PersonalName Jeanette Zerneke
DC_Contributor_PersonalName_Address ECAI, I School, UC Berkeley
DC_Date_Created 2015-04-10T00:00:00Z
DC_Coverage_X_min 32.32427
DC_Coverage_X_max 38.23818
DC_Coverage_Y_min -123.59619
DC_Coverage_Y_max -114.32373
DC_Coverage_T_Early 1769
DC_Coverage_T_Late 1848
DC_Coverage_PeriodName Spanish Colonial Period
DC_Coverage_PlaceName Alta California
ECAI_Team North_American_Religion
ECAI_Theme Religion, History, Colonialism, Globalization, Indigenous Peoples
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