Carte de L'Isle Formose et aux costes de la Chine

Map by Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772, published in France in 1764. Downloaded from DavidRumsey Historical Collection @ See also: P638 and P3508; National Maritime Museum 211; Tooley Mapping America, p208-209.

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DC_Title Carte de L'Isle Formose et aux costes de la Chine
DC_Title_Alternative Map of the Island of Formosa with the coast of China
DC_Creator_PersonalName Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
DC_Creator_CorporateName Publisher: J.N. Bellin
DC_Creator_CorporateName_Address Paris, France
DC_Subject_Specific Taiwan Map, Navigation, Nautical Charts
DC_Description Historical Map of Taiwan published in Paris, 1764
DC_Description_History David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, Image No: 6903274, downloaded December 2015
DC_Type Image
DC_Format Image
DC_Format_Specific jpg
DC_Contributor_CorporateName ECAI
DC_Contributor_CorporateName_Address UC Berkeley
DC_Contributor_PersonalName Zerneke, Jeanette
DC_Contributor_PersonalName_Address UC Berkeley
DC_Date_Created 1764-01-01T00:00:00Z
DC_Date_DataGathered 2015-12-01T00:00:00Z
DC_Coverage_T_Early 1760
DC_Coverage_T_Late 1770
DC_Coverage_Temporal_Interval Years
ECAI_Team Austronesia
ECAI_Theme Trade Routes
ECAI_Notes Sub-team: Taiwan